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The Gawkagogo Freakshow
Roll up! Roll up!
a twist on the classic carnival sideshow
"cartoon-strip hellfire madness" Timeout London
a skewed-toon sideshow underworld
The fastest and freakiest show in town
A hit at Glastonbury, Latitude, Cork and Edinburgh
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The Pig Faced Girl
The Human Fly
Freakshow banner line
Freakshow banner line again
Seal Boy and Pig Girl
bearded lady
Dancing Pig
Freakshow Tent
Elephant Man Elvis
Roll up! Roll up!
Piggy loves sugar
The Human Fly
Fat Lady
Pig Faced Girl banner
The Fly
Norma Guntz
"deliriously funny" The Guardian
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The Gawkagogo Freakshow: fat lady Mrs Norma Guntz and her celebrity Tom Jones tumour, The half man half fly, The Pig Faced Girl, Elephant Man Elvis, plus escapology, sharpshooting, music from the Baby Organ, and the cryogenically preserved heads of Hitler and Walt Disney. A Gawkagogo production. A hit at the Glastonbury festival, Latitude fetival , and the Edinburgh festival fringe.