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Tiny Mo's Speakeasy by Gawkagogo
Poster for Tiny Mo's Speakeasy
Tiny Mo's Big Time Cabaret
Pleasance Theatre
jam-packed cabaret bills
an antidote to self-indulgence
Tiny Mo
Tiny Mo's Speakeasy
Wang Chang Fu
da Goils
Le Petomaine
Ginger and Louie da Nose
Fan Dancer
Cab Calloway
"half-cartoon, half-freakshow" The Metro
whiskey in coffee cups
Tiny Mo's show credits Clips coming soon
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Tiny Mo's Big-Time Cabaret', takin' over da joint at Tiny Mo's Speakeasy. A Gawkagogo Comedy Production. Paul Garner plays Louis da Nose. Sarah Nield plays Good-Time Ginger. Tiny Mo plays himself. Soundtrack by Martin Pavey. First performed at the Pleasance Theatre, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Prohibition and Le Petomane. Goils and gangsters. Roulette and regurgitation. gawkagogo.com: freakazoid comedy, eye-popping art.